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Targeted Methylation Sequencing Service

Reveals the Methylation status of Genomic Regions

Accelerating High-quality Analysis & Compatible with a variety of sample types


Celemics’ proprietary dual probe design considering the bisulfite conversion allows accurate analysis of methylation status of target genes. Celemics provides methylation sequencing
panel with unparalleled performance for analysis of methylation status for plasma cfDNA analyze methylation status of plasma cfDNA. The characteristics of our Methyl-seq panel guaranteed to customers comprehensive results of methylation profile in both clinical diagnostics and research field.
  • Step 01

    Sample DNA

  • Step 02

    Bisulfite conversion

  • Step 03


  • Step 04

    Making Panels


Features &

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    Industry-leading capture performance
    Elaborate design considering the sequence alteration by bisulfite conversion
    Thorough comparison analysis of the sequences before and after bisulfite conversion enabling accurate detection of methylation sites
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    Compatible with all sample types
    Perform methylation analysis with gDNA and cfDNA
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    Celemics’ BI analysis service for Methyl-seq
    Celemics proprietary deduplication algorithm allows
    accurate sequencing results
    Visualized results is provided to all results from methylation sequencing panel
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    High reproducibility and concordance of clinical information
    Same methylation patterns when repeatedly tested with the same sample
    Visualized clustering result from pattern analysis showed
    high concordance with the clinical data information.


Workflow of Celemics’ Targeted methylation sequencing

Standard Workflow of Targeted Methyl-seq


Celemics Proprietary Probe Design for Methyl-seq

  • The targeted methylation sequencing is proceeded with including bisulfite conversion process in the NGS workflow.
  • The hybridization probe and methylated adapters are designed considering the sequence alteration by bisulfite conversion
  • Only selective genes can be targeted for the analysis, allowing for cost-effective sequencing.

BI analysis for methylation sequencing

Standard Analysis Pipeline for Targeted Methyl-seq

  • Customers who are new to methylation analysis can be also supported by Celemics in-house bioinformatics software service for fast and accurate analysis.
  • Comparison between C/T panel and G/A panel allows accurate discovery of methylation patterns of CpG, CHH, and CHG regions in targeted gene


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    Cancer-related epigenetics

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    Researches for gene activation