• Just like a chameleon utilizing its
    colored pigments and crystals to
    adapt to its surroundings,
    we proactively pioneer and adapt to
    the everchanging NGS markets with
    our cutting-edge technology to
    support our customer’s needs.

Celemics Analysis Service

Trust CAS with your Bioinformatics Analysis


Although NGS-based molecular diagnosis technologies have
advanced rapidly, existing bioinformatics analysis platforms
have not matched the speed of development.

Even as the discovery of various new biomarkers and their applications are becoming more
prevalent by the day, there are very few solutions in the market that are able to readily
react to client needs.
As such, Celemics has developed the Celemics Analysis Service (CAS), a revolutionary
bioinformatics solution aiming to provide lient-specific services for the current convoluted
and restrictive market using real-time client interaction, need-based customized analysis,
and the expertise of our bioinformatics analysts.

Features &

  • 1. Fast and accurate bioinformatics analysis
    Easy accession of analysis results, even with no prior knowledge of bioinformatics analysis.
    Constant monitoring of all analysis processes and results by automated bioinformatics pipeline and bioinformatics experts from Celemics.
    Able to suggest suitable analysis methodology based on experimental purpose, conditions, and status.
    (Germline, Somatic, FFPE, cfDNA, RNA, Virus, Bacteria, Non-human, De novo sequencing, Methylation sequencing, etc.)
    Analysis pipelines other than Celemics’ standard pipelines can be developed based on real-time communication with clients.
    Real-time troubleshooting and solution provision during analysis process, even for non-standard data sets.
    GDPR-compliant through usage of Europe-based server.
  • 2. Sophisticated client-customized data analysis
    Annotations based on additional databases per client request possible (Prior usage confirmation required)
    Provision of individualized result data reprocessing and visualization based on client needs.
    Able to support optimized analysis proposals based on client’s research or clinical purposes.
  • 3. Client ease of use
    Real-time troubleshooting and recommendations from Celemics bioinformatics experts once erroneous analysis results are detected.
    Additionally, NGS experts and Celemics continuously monitor the process for issues such as index hopping and will provide alternative solutions.
    Reduction of initial cost and time for factors such as account set-up and usage training.
    Guarantee fast data transmission speed and short transmission intervals using servers within the European region.
    Individual client-based custom analysis possible using a simple data input interface, removing the need for complicated request processes.
    Removal of the need to purchase a separate high-performance PC or server.
  • 4. Cost-effective service
    No base account set-up or user registration fee.
    Provision of highly competitive primary / secondary / tertiary analysis (clinical interpretation included).
  • 5. Interoperability with Celemics Target Enrichment panels
    Able to generate analysis results optimized for Celemics panels.

User-Friendly Bioinformatics Report: Selected Examples

Secondary Analysis : CAS Visualized Report
Tertiary Analysis - Client-specific Visualization Curation:
  • 이미지
  • 이미지
Tertiary Analysis - Client-specific Visualization: OncoRisk CNV Analysis

Accurate Clinical Interpretation: Strand Clinical Report

Customers who use NGS but may have limited access of bioinformatics pipeline and server still need a quick and clear means of result interpretation
Celemics provides Strand knowledgebase that enables fast and reliable reporting of actionable information.
  • Comprehensive coverage of genes, variants and drugs, extending well beyond guideline level variants thus making them useful for large panel testing
    and clinical trial recommendations
  • Variants annotated with functional significance and incorporated with AMP Clinical Practice Guidelines for therapy and evidence annotations.
  • Additional layer of sophisticated rule sets to take into account variant combinations important in various cases (ex. resistance scenarios).