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Celemics, A Global Leader in Targeted Genetic Sequencing, Announces Its Expansion Into North America With The Commencement Of Celemics America, Inc.

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  • DateOct. 08 2015

Celemics, a global pioneer of personalized medicine genetics, today announced its expansion into the North American market with the establishment of Celemics America, Inc.

Celemics, the first Next Generation Sequencing test kit manufacturer in both Asia and Europe, has secured itself in the global market as a pioneer of Target Enrichment methodology and sample preparation for DNA sequencing and genetic testing. 
Next Generation Sequencing, or NGS, facilitates both hereditary and somatic genetic testing more accurately, quickly, and cost effectively than traditional methods of DNA sequencing. 
For organizations providing Next Generation Sequencing services, 
Celemics incorporates its proprietary synthetic probe rebalancing technology in its test kits and panels to ensure maximum performance and accuracy. 

Targeted Sequencing involves isolating genomic regions of interest from the whole genome and utilizes synthetic strands of DNA or RNA called probes, which assist in detecting the presence of a gene in a long DNA sequence. 
In order to address uniformity and coverage limitations associated with Targeted Sequencing, Celemics has developed and introduced a technology which incorporates precise rebalancing of probes following a pre-production pilot test. 

"Not all genetic regions are created equally" said Hyojun Han, Ph.D, Director of Research and Development at Celemics. "Some regions prove much more challenging to capture than others which can make it more difficult to detect 
genetic mutations within these regions.  Our probe rebalancing technology was conceived and developed to specifically address this common issue".

Celemics America, Inc. will initiate commercial operations in the U.S. with a primary goal of expanding this technology to North American markets to make contributions to Precision, or Personalized Medicine.
Precision Medicine is the term 
used by medical and healthcare professionals to describe the emerging approach to coordinate disease prevention and treatment based upon an individual's lifestyle patterns and genetic variability.

"Precision Medicine is now at the forefront of the U.S. medical landscape" said Hyoki Kim, Ph.D, CEO of Celemics. "Celemics America will make a vital contribution to Precision Medicine by ensuring that Next Generation Sequencing
service providers 
can feel confident in the accuracy and efficiency of their testing results through incorporating our Target Enrichment technology".

Celemics America's product line will consist of both pre-defined and custom content Next Generation Sequencing test kits and panels.