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Celemics is a biomaterial technology company that uses NGS-Based biomaterials and revolutionary sequencing technology to lead the way for the medical, pharmaceutical, microbiome, synthetic biology, and breeding fields.
Through its practical implementation into the aforementioned areas and various other biological R&D fields, Celemics hopes to rapidly advance the innovations made in medical and scientific technology and contribute to the safety and health of all.

Celemics provides customized DNA services to our clients across the world. Contact us to discover our wide breath of product and service applications.

Usage of Celemics’ Products and Services

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Treatment Selection, Monitoring, and Early Diagnosis of Cancer
To many cancer patients around the world, there is an acute need for the analysis of comprehensive mutations and trace amounts of damaged DNA existing in blood and cancer tissue.
Our analysis services allow for fast and convenient treatment selection, along with flexible applications in cancer recurrence monitoring and early diagnostics.
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Diagnosis and Treatment Management of Rare Diseases
There are already many genetic disorders affecting our population which requires genetic analysis, including hereditary cancer, cardiovascular and neuromuscular diseases, and hearing loss.
We efficiently analyze those genes with known associations to genetic disorders in order to aid in rare disease diagnosis and treatment management.
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Vaccine Development, Research, Propagation Tracking
The sporadic occurrences of viruses require fast and accurate analysis.
Celemics enables the fast and accurate analysis of virus genomes, contributing to fields such
as vaccine development, disease spread tracking, and group epidemiological studies.
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Expedited Antibody Discovery at Low Costs
Celemics expedites antibody discovery and increases productivity by decreasing development costs through efficient analysis of numerous antibody libraries during novel drug development and the discovery of rare candidate materials.
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Low Cost, High-Efficiency Strain Development
By rapidly analyzing numerous genetic markers related to plants and animals at low costs, Celemics radically shortens the development time needed for strain development and improves development productivity.
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Microbiome Analysis
Celemics’ services provide a foundation for personalized healthcare and novel microbiome drug development to help our clients efficiently perform microbiome analysis.


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The International Standard for Quality Management System established by the International Organization for Standardization

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