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Celemics Privacy Policy
Celemics, Inc. (also referred to in this document as “Celemics”, “we”, “our” and “us”) is committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy and provide this privacy policy to make you aware of our privacy policy on the bottom of every Celemics web page. Celemics is observing privacy protection regulation of related law that information and communication service provider must observe, such as "Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.", "Personal Information Protection Act" and so on. Celemics notifies you regarding for what purpose, and through what manner your personal information is used, and what action is taken to protect your personal information from being unlawfully disclosed. Celemics will notice you in case this privacy policy is amended.
1. What Information We Collect
1) The following personal information items are to be collected only for the supply of goods and services.
     Required Information
     - First name, Last name, E-mail, Shipping Address, City, Country, Postal Code, Telephone
     Optional Information
     - Institute/Company
2) While you are visiting our website, we may collect technical data related to your browsing session such as IP address, browser type and language, connection log, cookie and number of visits to our website.
3) We may collect personnel information of the internal staffs as their resume, career certificate, information specific to personnel management, payroll management, and business management.
2. Why We Collect Personal Information
Celemics collects least personal information necessary for the provision of services and products.
The personal information will not be used for other purposes of the following ones and we will announce in advance if the purposes of the use are changed.
1) Service Provision
Celemics uses personal information for service acceptance, provision of service result and response to the customer's product inquiries and complaints
2) Product Provision
Celemics uses personal information for delivery of products.
3) Personal information of non-member purchaser and recipient which is gathered in homepage will not be used for any other purposes except delivery of products.
4) Only if homepage user wants, we use user's personal information to send email updates about Celemics' products and services.
5) Recruitment
Celemics uses personal information for recruitment and internal personnel management.
3. Retention Rules
As a general rule, the personal information will be deleted without delay when the purpose is accomplished but when it is needed to preserve for service provision, it will be preserved for a certain period of time. In this case, Celemics will use preserving personal information only for the preserving purpose and the retention period is as follows:
A. Retain the information by the relevant laws
When it is necessary to conserve by the regulations of relevant laws of commercial law, consumer protection act in such areas as e-commerce, Celemics preserve personal information for a certain period of time. In this case Celemics use preserving information only for the preserving purpose and the retention period is as follows:
- Records about contract or the withdrawal of order
Retention rule: consumer protection act in such areas as e-commerce
Retention period: 5 years
- Records of payments and the supply of goods
Retention rule: consumer protection act in such areas as e-commerce
Retention period: 5 years
- Records about electronic financial transactions
Retention rule: electronic financial transactions act
Retention period: 5 years
- Records about consumers' complaints and settlement of dispute
Retention rule: consumer protection act in such areas as e-commerce
Retention period: 3 years
- Records about visiting website
Retention rule: The Communications Protection Law
Retention period: 3 months
- Information about recruitment and personnel: resume, certificate of career, information specific to human resource management, payroll, business management
Retention rule: The Labor Standards Act
Retention period: 3 years
4. How We Delete Information
Celemics will delete your personal information without delay after the certain retention period.
Procedure and method of delete your personal information is as follows:
A. Deletion Process
Collected information is transferred to another DB (documents will transferred to a certain cabinet) after accomplishing its purpose and stored for certain retention period. After the retention period that is stated by company's internal policy or related law, the personal information will be deleted.
B. Deletion Method
Personal information written in documents will be deleted by shredder or incinerator. Information stored within electronic file format is deleted permanently through technical method which makes it irreproducible.
5. Provide Personal Information to Third Party
Celemics will not use or share your personal information to the third party except for the following few exceptions.
- When user agrees to use in advance.
- By the regulation of law or investigative agency's request for investigation purpose in accordance with the procedures and the methods defined in the law.
6. Rights of User and Legal Representatives
The user can access their contact information at any time, and user may request removal of the content. If you contact us by paper, phone or e-mail, we will take an action immediately. In case user demand correction about mistake of personal information, Celemics will not use or provide personal information until user finishes editing their personal information.
Information deleted by user's request, is processed as stated in "3. Retention Rules" and don't be perused or used for any other purpose.
7. Manage Cookie
Celemics uses "cookie" that saves user's usage information frequently. A cookie is a very small text file containing small amounts of user's usage information. It is stored on user computer's hard drive when you visit a webpage.
Celemics uses cookies for the following purposes:
A. purposes of a cookie
Celemics analyzes user's connection frequency and visiting time and identify user's preferences and interests and make full use of cookies as a measure of target marketing and service reorganization.
User has the option to install cookies on websites that you visit. Therefore, you can allow all cookies by setting an option in the web browser, or check through confirmation each time a cookie is stored, or reject all cookies.
B. Decline the use of cookies
Users can allow all cookies or check each time a cookie is stored, or reject all cookies by selecting option of your web browser.
Setting example (ex. Internet explorer): Tools at the top of the web browser > Internet Options > Privacy tab > privacy level settings.
However, when you decline the use of cookies, providing of service requiring login can be limited.
8. Security
Celemics takes technical, administrative, physical action on improving safety in accordance with Article 29, Personal Information Protection Act as follows:
1) Management of information and training
Celemics specifies least numbers of employees managing personal information and trains the employees to regard personal information's security.
2) Encryption of personal information
Celemics transmits personal information through encrypted communication channel and stores important information such as password, etc. with encrypted form.
3) Technical measures against hacking
Celemics installs security program and updates periodically and checks for prevention of disclosure and damage of personal information and installs the system in the area where the access from the outside is controlled and monitors and blocks the system technically and physically.
4) Access control on personal information processing system
Celemics limited unauthorized access to personal information database system through by giving, changing, and erasure of access rights and we controls unauthorized access from outside by using firewall system.
9. Contact Information
To protect user's personal information and deal with complaints related to personal information, Celemics specifies person in charge of managing personal information as follows:
1) Person in charge
Name: Heeseok Kang
Department: IT Support Team
Position: Manager
Telephone: 02-6746-8067
Email: privacy@celemics.com
10. Privacy-Related Report and Dispute Resolution
If you need report or counseling about infringement of personal information, please contact Privacy Complaint Center of Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA). Also, if you suffer monetary and psychological damage due to invasion of privacy, you can ask damage relief to Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee of Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA).
- KISA Privacy Complaint Center (http://privacy.kisa.or.kr, without exchange number 118)
- Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (http://www.kopico.or.kr, Tel. 02-405-5150)
11. Obligation of Notice
When the changes are applied in privacy policy, Celemics will announce them on this page.
- Announcement Date: March 30, 2015
- Effective Date: March 30, 2015
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