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NGS Target Enrichment Panels


“ Unlike Whole Genome Sequencing, Targeted Sequencing is a
technique that selectively analyzes specific regional sequences of genomes.”
Our Target Enrichment Panel uses hybridization-based capture technology to enable the core
process of Target Sequencing, which is the separation and analysis of specific regional sequences of
entire genomes. It is also able to accurately analyze all types of mutations, such as SNV, InDel CNV,
and Rearrangement.
Celemics’ Target Enrichment Panel utilizes our intrinsic probe design, rebalancing, and molecular
barcode technologies to efficiently analyze not only hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and
homologous regions but also samples originating from circulating tumor DNA and FFPE with extremely
small amounts of damaged DNA and RNA as well. We also provide our proprietary functionalities
to prevent sample cross-contamination.

Celemics’ Proprietary Target Enrichment Panel Technology

Probe design technology

Molecular barcode technology

Analysis of GC-rich and
homologous regions

Miniscule amounts of
DNA and RNA analysis

NGS Target Enrichment Service

For all Customized and Ready-to-Use Panels, Celemics uses standard DNA samples to run product QC for wet-lab tests, NGS runs, and bioinformatics up to the standard of the actual product used by our clients, and also provide detailed QC information as well.
Through this process, we can reduce both the possibility of experimental failure and the time and costs involved with our clients evaluating the products themselves. Additionally, through our proprietary 2-step mass production technology, we can manufacture high quality reproducible customized panels, which makes first-time-use clients to have their subsequent orders.

Celemics’ Target Enrichment Panel is compatible with all currently available NGS equipment, such as Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pacific Bioscience, and MGI, and provides bioinformatics software for data analysis.

Target DNA/RNA sequencing
Germline, somatic mutation analysis
Liquid biopsy analysis (ctDNA)
Multiple gene expression analysis
High-throughput genotyping
Integration-site sequencing
Industry-leading capture performance
· Industry-leading on-target ratio,
coverage, and uniformity
High performance, even in
areas difficult to analyze
While other companies purposely mask
hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and
homologous regions, making important mutation
analysis difficult, Celemics uses our proprietary
technology to guarantee excellent capture
capabilities, even in these areas.
Extremely small amounts of
damaged DNA/RNA applicable
· Accurate analysis possible with
amounts as small as 20ng
· High performance even with
damaged samples originating from
FFPE or circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA)
Pre-capture pooling applicable
Capable of analyzing several samples
libraries through one capture by attaching
sample indexes beforehand when
creating libraries, significantly decreasing
experimental hands-on time and cost.
Provision of molecular barcode
kits and bioinformatics
Provision of molecular barcode kit specifically
developed to detect mutations in samples
with minuscule amounts, such as ctDNA,
and bioinformatics algorithm that
eliminates duplicates and
generates consensus sequences
Gene add-on possible to pre-existing panels
Decrease of novel panel development time and
cost through the addition of new medically significant genes or general panel expansion to already existing client panels
Compatible with all NGS Equipment
Compatible with all NGS devices from
Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific,
Pacific Bioscience, and MGI
Provision of kits for sample
cross-contamination prevention
Provision of kits that monitor and prevent
sample cross-contamination using
artificial vector sequences
Support of enzymatic DNA fragmentation
Enabling of experimentation without specific
gDNA shearing equipment through the
support of ultrasonic-based mechanical
shearing and enzymatic fragmentation
Bioinformatics SW provision
Provision of bioinformatics SW that processes
raw NGS data (FASTQ) to identify
characteristics such as mutation type,
VAF, and pathogenicity for customer ease
Real QC of all customized panels
Celemics is the only company to provide
detailed QC information for all
wet-lab experiments, NGS runs,
and bioinformatics using standard DNA
samples when developing Customized Panels
High, uniform lot quality for repeated orders
Provision of customized panels of equally
high quality to clients making subsequent
orders using proprietary 2-step mass
production technology
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