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CCTV Policy
Image Information Processing Equipment Operating & Management Policy
Celemics, Inc.("Celemics") is operating image information processing equipment and establishes and implements the following policies.
1. The Installation Grounds and Purpose of Image Information Processing Equipment
Celemics operates and manages image information processing equipment for facility safety and fire prevention of this Institute in accordance with the first clause of Article 25, Personal Information Protection Act.
2. Installation Conditions of Image Information Processing Equipment
Installation position, unit number and shooting range of the image information processing equipment that Celemics set up and manages are as follows:
Installation Position
Filming Location
Unit Number
Shooting Range
The door and hallway
The front 5M
The door and hallway
The front 5M
The door and hallway
The front 5M
Supply Area
Internal Supply Area
The front 5M
3. Image Information Manager
Celemics have image information manager to deal with complaints on private image information.
Soyeon Kim
Assistant Manager
Management Support Team
4. Image Information Management Situation
The storage place, storage period and shooting time of the private image processing information that Celemics operates and manages as follows.
Shooting Time
Storage Period
Storage Place
24 hours
3 weeks from shooting date
consignment company
※ Processing method: Celemics writes and manages details of requests on utilization other than purposes, third party provision, destruction, reading, etc. and when expiration of storage period, Celemics removes permanently by the way that it is impossible to restore. (In the case of paper output, fracture or incineration)
5. Matters on Consignment of Installation and Management of Image Processing Equipment
Celemics consigned the installation and management of image information processing equipment as follows. In the case of contract of consignment, Celemics provides required details in order that personal information is controlled safely.
Entrusted Business
Deputy director Geum-Su Son
Southern Branch
6. Place and Method of Image Information Checking
Checking Method
Checking Place
Visit after contact to Image Information Manager
7. Request of a Information Object on Checking, etc.
① If a information object wants existence confirmation, checking or destruction("checking") of personal image information, they can request to image information manager at any time, provided that it is restricted to personal image information that a information object was filmed and apparently required case for urgent threat of life and body and assets benefit of a information object.
② Celemics will take immediate measures without delay, in the case of receiving requests on checking, etc. of a information object. In this time, requester must be identified by identity card such as resident registration certificate, driver's license, passport and so on to confirm that requester is the identical person or a legitimate agent.
③ Despite the provisions of clause 2, Celemics can reject a information object's requests on checking, etc. in the following cases.
In these cases Celemics will notify to a information object in writing within 10 days.
- If that results in a significant obstacle to criminal investigations, keeping statute and the trial conducted.
- If the retention period of personal image information is elapsed and it was destroyed.
- If a legitimate reason to reject requests of a information object on checking, etc. exists.
④ Celemics will take required measures without delay in the case of receiving requests on personal image information of checking, existence confirmation and destruction.
8. Measures to Attain Stability of the Personal Image Information
Celemics performs the following actions for attaining stability of personal image information to prevent loss, theft, disclosure, alteration, or damage in accordance with Article 29, Personal Information Protection Act and clause 1 of Article 30, its enforcement ordinance.
① Establishment and implement of an internal control plan for the safe processing of personal image information
② Access control for personal image information and restriction of access rights
③ Applying technologies that can safely transmit personal image information ( in the case of network camera, cryptographic measure for safe transmition )
④ Maintaining records of processing ( in the case of checking, Celemics records checking purpose, checking person, checking time, etc. )
9. Matters on Changing Policy on Operation and Management of Image Information Processing Equipment
When the changes are applied in this policy on operation and management of image information process equipment, Celemics will announce them on this page.
- Effective Date: November 11, 2015
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